Metal Doors

Miami Doors Locks Security Solutions commercial metal doors in Miami are custom engineered to withstand the natural elements, provide security, and look pristine.

Our selection features firmly fused steel stiffeners seamlessly welded together to create solid, sturdy, and aesthetically appealing metal commercial doors in Miami. Our doors are constructed of fire-rated galvannealed steel packed dense with a resilient filler. Miami Doors & Locks carries conventionally sized metal doors or can develop hardware to fit the required specifications. 

Miami Doors & Locks also supply stainless steel doors and G90 galvanized coating, for a uniform façade that’s ductile and capable of withstanding force.

Our Miami commercial metal door services features: 

  • Smooth, solid doors without visible welds marks
  • Face sheets fused with steel stiffeners 
  • Mechanical seams connected longways across the edges
  • Reinforced epoxy adhesive 

Dependable Steel Frames and Metal Doors 

Miami Doors & Locks provides quality FEMA grade commercial metal doors throughout Dade and Broward. With a rigorous quality control procedure, our hollow metal pieces have a lifespan that outlasts wood and fiberglass without sacrificing visual appeal – excellent for all buildings including condominiums, apartments, schools, hotels, businesses, plazas, institutions, industrial manufacturing facilities, etc.

Providing South Florida commercial metal doors that are secure, quick to install, and affordable is what Miami Doors & Locks is all about.

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